Terms & Conditions

Auction Organizer

  1. In the market, coins, banknotes, orders, and medals that are not cultural-historical valuables and do not fall under the identification as per Article 97 of the Cultural Heritage Act are allowed. They can be freely collected, traded, and transported both within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and outside of it.
  2. According to Article 7, paragraph 1 of the Cultural Heritage Act, a cultural value can be immaterial or material and serves as evidence of human presence, activity, natural endowment, or phenomenon that is significant for an individual, community, or society, and it has scientific and cultural value. In Article 7, paragraph 4 (formerly paragraph 3, amended by No. 54 of 2011):
    "They are not cultural values under the provisions of this law: 1. machine-cut coins and similar items that do not have significance for scientific research and exhibition value."
  3. The organizer of the auction, responsible for cataloging the creation of lots and managing live bidding and logistics for movable assets (referred to as the "auction"), is Numis Bulgaria Ltd (Registration Number: 206775829), with a registered address at: 22 Samokovite, Peshtera (4550), Bulgaria.

Members of the Auction

1. An auction platform member is a user (Bidder/Customer) who has completed the registration process and agreed to the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for purchasing through the auction platform, subject to an agreed remuneration to the organizer.

2. By registering on the online auction system, an auction participant (Bidder) agrees to abide by these Auction Terms and Conditions.

3. Individuals filling out an Auction Registration Application form become Bidders and will be assigned a unique Bidder (user) number, which serves as personal identification for each auction participant.

4. The currency for the auction is EUR. The exchange rate to USD, GBP, or any other currency is determined by the Central European bank, updated once a day every day.

5. Prices listed in the catalog are fixed and cannot be lowered.

6. The auctioned item is awarded to the highest bidder.

7. In the event of multiple bids at the same price, the item will be awarded to the auction participant who placed the earlier bid.

8. In the case of an error in the catalog, the error will be rectified, and participants bidding on the item will be informed before the auction. Both the Auctioneer and the Bidder have the right to withdraw a bid or cancel a purchase in the event of a catalog error.

9. All sales conducted within the auction are legally binding. This means that by submitting a bid, the Bidder becomes obligated to pay for the purchased item.

10. No after-sales or pre-sales services are offered.

Auction Procedure

1. Participating in this Auction Sale through bidding signifies your acceptance of all the stated Terms of Sale.

2. The Commissioner (Numis Bulgaria Ltd.) offers items for sale at auction based on commission agreements with owners or items owned by the Commissioner.

3. The auction occurs at a pre-scheduled date and time indicated in the auction.

4. The auctioneer reserves the right to modify the auction date and time, with the obligation to notify the participants.

5. The auction proceeds sequentially according to catalogue numbers, unless otherwise specified by the Auctioneer.

6. This auction is exclusively available online, and only registered users can engage in the bidding process.

7. Each bid placed in the auction carries full responsibility for the auction participant, even if it was made inadvertently.

8. The Bidder can cancel auctioned items only after paying 20% or min. 2 euro (if lot price is under 10euro) of the item's value, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Auctioneer. Failure to comply will result in the Bidder's account being blocked.

Auction Increments Table

Range Increment
From 1 to 49 EUR 1 EUR
From 50 to 99 EUR 2 EUR
From 100 to 199 EUR 5 EUR
From 200 to 499 EUR 10 EUR
From 500 to 999 EUR 20 EUR
From 1000 to 4999 EUR 50 EUR
From 5000 to 9999 EUR 100 EUR
From 10 000 to 49 999 EUR 500 EUR
Above 50 000 EUR 1000 EUR

Acquisition of ownership and delivery of the auctioned item

1. If the Buyer pays the auctioned price, including a 20% or min. 2 euro (if lot price is under 10euro) surcharge, within the specified time, ownership of the auctioned item is transferred to him/her. The Buyer will be provided with an invoice which is a proof of acquisition of the item in the auction together with the auctioned items in the postal package or by email.

Invoice calculation:

chooses the shipping method for his/her purchases. Purchased items can be picked-up in our office, shipped by the Buyer’s request by DHL, PostOne or can be delivered by the owner of the item or the person who put the item in the auction directly to the Buyer. The price for the transport of the auction item is determined by the Shipping Company, details can be checked in Delivery FAQ section.

3. The ownership right to the auction item passes to the Buyer at the

Lot price highest bid
Commission 20% or min. 2 euro (if lot price is under 10euro) incl. VAT for EU citizens | Outside EU no VAT is included
Delivery fee calculated later
Delivery insurance 1% of the lot price

2. The Buyer moment of full payment of the purchase price; at this moment the risk of damage, destruction, and loss of the auction item also passes to the Buyer.

4. If the Buyer asks the Company for safekeeping of the item, the Company is entitled to charge the Buyer for each day and each purchased auction item the amount of 2 euros per day and shall not assume any liability. The item can be kept for 30 days for free.

6. The Auctioneer is not responsible for the loss or damage to the shipment delivered by a third-party company. All received shipments must be checked at the place of issue of the package to the Buyer, and damages must be reported immediately to the carrier company and Auctioneer.

5. The sent packages will be subject to a 1% insurance surcharge on the price of the lot.

7. Shipping costs might be increased after payment according to the carrier's service price due to the Fuel Fee.

8. Fuel fee is not a responsibility of the auction organizer. Delivery costs can be recalculated if the size and weight of the parcel is significantly higher than the standard one.

9. All claims made after 14 days of a delivery date are not taken into account.

10. For any lots delivered outside the country where the auction is hosted, the declaration value shall be the item(s)’s hammer price plus its Buyer’s premium, delivery fees. The Buyer shall be responsible for paying all applicable taxes, duties, and customs charges for all lots delivered outside the country where the auction is hosted.

11. If the Buyer has any special requirements about the shipping, he should inform the Seller in advance. The Seller is not responsible for different fees, taxes, or any possible payment in the country of a customer’s destination.

12. Usually items are sent from 3 to 5 working days after confirmation of the payment receipt. Shipment can be delayed due to the high volume of shipments at the moment but will be shipped in a queue according to the payment date. In case an invoice is paid later than the agreed 14 days, the auctioneer has the right to complete the shipping later when all invoices paid on time will be shipped. The maximum time frame for shipping of paid items is 8 weeks after the invoice payment date.

13. In the event that for reasons on the part of the Buyer it is necessary to deliver the auction item repeatedly, the Buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the repeated delivery or the costs associated with another method of delivery.

14. The Auctioneer is entitled to charge the Buyer who has thwarted the auction all the costs incurred by the auction, including the Auctioneer's commission if the package is returned to the owner of the item. The Buyer is charged with the interest on late payment of 0.05% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.

15. In case of incorrect/unknown item’s delivery, the Buyer must notify the Auctioneer by contacting via email/phone/messenger as soon as possible. Any incorrect/unknown item shall be returned back to the sender in order to proceed with the claim process. All costs carried by the Buyer are discussed individually. Refunds might be reimbursed to the Buyer's bank account or as a credit that can be applied to future purchases.


1. For all items in the catalogue, we guarantee their authenticity and the accuracy of the description in the catalogue on behalf of the Seller

2. In the event of a conflict between the picture and the textual description, the textual description shall prevail. In case of a mistake in description or image both the Auctioneer and the Buyer has the right to regard the item as unsold.

4. In case the winner does not like the item without any specific reason the item can be returned to the Auctioneer within 14 days of the day of a confirmed delivery to the customer checked by a tracking number and the Buyer will be reimbursed the sale price without the surcharge and shipping, or the item can be put in the auction again in the new owner’s name. In case the item relisted in the new owner’s name will be sold for less than it was purchased by the owner the right to compensation of the loss from the Auctioneer or the person who put the item for initial sale is excluded.

5. Any claimed auction item must be returned to the Company in the same condition in which it was handed over to the Buyer, unencumbered by the rights of third parties. The right to claim the auction item, as well as any claims related thereto, are granted exclusively to the Buyer and may not be transferred/assigned to a third party. The Buyer's right to compensation for damages against the Company is excluded. If the item is cleaned, washed, artificially toned, scratched, unmounted, polished, tooled, repaired or in any other way damaged or altered it will not be accepted for any claim or return including their authenticity.

6. An item which was graded by NGC, PCGS or any other professional grading and authentication service can be claimed only directly with them. If the graded item was removed from the holder the claim will not be accepted by the Auctioneer. It means that if you removed a coin from a NGC/PCGS holder than you will not be able to make any claim with the auctioneer or grading company.

7. Undelivered and returned items can be resent only after covering shipping costs by the customer. Since the returned parcels are charged by courier service differently, the customer must cover the shipping again in order to resend the parcel again.

8. The Buyer's right to compensation for damages or costs occurred against the Auctioneer is excluded.

9. The Auctioneer is not responsible for the fact that the auctioned items listed in the catalogue will be accepted for classification by a third party person or company and classified according to our rating/classification. E.g. the auctioneer is not responsible that the item will receive grade MS and not AU or UNC Details after being reviewed by NGC or PCGS.

11. The commissioner is not responsible if any items which have ever been sold through the platform turn out to be stolen or misused. Such a complaint should be dealt between Buyer and Seller directly.

12. The Seller do not cover the fees, customs clearance or any other possible paymenst on the side of the Buyer.

Force Majeure

1. Parties are not responsible for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under this Contract if it was the result of force majeure, which could not be foreseen by the parties.

2. Namely: fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, if these circumstances directly affect the execution of the sale and delivery of purchased and paid items, war or military actions occurred after the conclusion of the contract, as well as decisions by state authorities about the ban/tightening of export-import operations.

3. The same goes for robberies, or stolen items that have come to the auction organizer office as a break-in, which cannot be covered by insurance or by the Auction organizer, but the Auction Organizer is obliged to inform the customer of all necessary information, police documents, etc. for helping to find the stolen items to give them back to the consignor or final customer.

Closing conditions

1. Foreign Bidders must respect the current exchange rate, tax laws and other laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and their country of origin. Proper payment of applicable taxes, duties, and fees payable in the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad is the Buyer's & the Seller’s responsibility.

2. The list of registered auction participants and the personal data of the auction participants are subject to the trade secret of the Auctioneer, and the auction participants, or anyone else, are not entitled to view them.

3. Any court proceedings will be dealt with before the courts of the Republic of Bulgaria and under Bulgarian law.

Last change: 29.03.2024